Easy streaming PC Audio (Spotify, etc) to UPnP/DLNA client

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20 del 2 de 2011

The latest R3 Asset UPnP can capture PC Audio and stream to a UPnP player (for example might be using Spotify).

Little Tutorial on Using PC Sound Capture [WASAPI]

** Requires Windows Vista or Windows 7 and registered or 30 day trial version of asset.

Install Asset v3:


Open Asset Configuration >> then, Advanced Settings 'Edit'

Under the browse tree click 'Add New Container' >> As a Child of Root, in the Selected box below this Add button click the down arrow and select 'PC Sound Capture [WASAPI]'. Click Ok to exit Asset Configuration.

Now When browsing Asset select 'PC Sound Capture [WASAPI]' and choose the sound output your computer is using (normally only one listed).

Piece of cake!

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